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Webgyrlz Code on WLTX 19
As a young girl, Shambi Broome liked computer sciences, but felt alone because there were very few girls who took an interest in computers. Now the mother of two is trying to make sure her girls don't have to share her experience...

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  Webgyrlz Code on EngenuitySC
An energized crowd of hundreds of Midlands leaders and innovators chose Shambi Broome of Webgyrlz Code to win the $5,000 Ideas Contest, sponsored by Wells Fargo, at Ignite! 2014, EngenuitySC's annual celebration of...

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  Webgyrlz Code on Columbia Business Report
Columbia Business Report
Shambi Broome aims to be the Emily Post of the tech world.
While Post's books on etiquette taught girls how to properly set a table, Broome said she wants to teach girls how to be fluent in HTML5...

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Webgyrlz Code on
Two minutes is all local web developer Shambi Broome had to submit her idea for EngenuitySC's Ignite! Ideas Contest. It paid off as she became this year's winner in the shark-tank style competition, earning a $5,000 award...

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  Webgyrlz Code on FreeTimes
"What's your idea to move the Midlands forward?"
This question appeared on a large projector above the stage for EngenuitySC's Ignite! 2014 pitch contest held Nov. 19 at The Zone...

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  Carolina Money Web Gyrlz Code
Carolina Money
EngenuitySC has set up a 5-hour pilot program with Logan Elementary School’s class of 5th graders called Webgyrlz Code, created by Shambi Broome, a web developer. Webgyrlz is a nonprofit organization that provides girls in grades 3-6...

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WLTX Web Gyrlz Code

If you have a great business idea, you could possibly win $5000 to get started. EngenuitySC is having their annual IGnite! Ideas Contest where anyone can just submit a two minute video explaining their idea for a chance to win startup money.

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We want to teach girls not only to code and to take an interest in STEM based careers, but also help them obtain life skills that will make them successful no matter what career they choose.

Shambi Broome, Founder